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Chasing toddlers? No problem. Hours hunched over a computer? We thought so. These overshadowed daily activities are often the most challenging for our bodies, why not give them the attention they deserve. Let us train you for your lifestyle.


I started doing Pilates at Fuerza with hope of healing a lower back injury and strengthening my core so that it wouldn't happen again. Now, just six months later, I am not only pain- free and stronger, but also longer and leaner. My body is returning to my pre-pregnancy shape (something I had almost given up on after two years).
Lisa G.
I have been attending Fuerza Pilates for about 3 months. It was easy for me to see the difference with Fuerza form the other studio I had attended starting day one. It is called attention to detail. I appreciate all the individual correction and instruction they are able to do in their group classes. I have seen the changes in my body and I really look forward to each and every class.
Sandy R.
As an avid sportsman, I've been through several injuries, most recently I tore my PCL in my right knee playing hockey. Simple tasks like walking up and down stairs was painful and I had to grab the hand rail to relieve my knee. A friend recommended I try Fuerza to stretch and strengthen my knees. The results have been far and beyond what I ever expected. Not only am I back on the tennis court, back to snowboarding and surfing - friends are asking me, "What have you been doing!!".
Bret W.

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